Saturday, 16 July 2011

My first post

Well, my first post on this blog. I'll probably be posting regularly in the upcoming days, but let's see if I can keep posting something at least once a week/fortnight (depending on what RealLife™ allows me to do).
The main purpose of this blog is to share my personal experience with free (as in free speech) content, being software, artwork or anything else. I believe it is a powerful way to generate knowledge that can be inherently shared across the web.
Recently I decided to bring this belief to a whole new level by making the decision of starting using Linux on a daily basis (specifically Ubuntu Linux) and using free licensed media on my assignments and essays.
I still use Windows on my secondary PC, but I'm making the effort to use free software (or at least freeware and/or public domain software) whenever possible.

I do hope that my posts can help to bring an end to the constant underestimation of free software and media, to both the average user, but also developers and artists alike.

I also take the opportunity to say that this blog is being published under a Creative Commons license, which follows the free content philosophy.

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